• Vessel Type: Portable and Stationary Drums or Carboys
  • Capacity: From 5 to 55 gallons (20 to 200 litres)
  • Typical Applications: Fluoride * Polymer * Sodium Hypochlorite * Caustic * Alum * Sodium Bisulfite

Under and overdosing of chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Fluoride can have very serious consequences to consumers of these chemical treated water sources. Because of this, strict Federal and State reporting requirements have created a need for municipal plant operators to easily and accurately track chemical feed rates and usages in water and wastewater treatment plants. Also, by knowing exactly how much chemical remains, plant operators can be assured that the drum will not run empty during their absence.

Our low profile corrosion resistant platforms allow operators to load and unload drum-packaged chemicals safely and easily. Using the DRUMM-SCALE or CARBOY-SCALE for your inventory management results in an inexpensive, non-contacting, highly reliable method of measuring level. Weight (or mass) is an inherently accurate means of measuring vessel contents because it is independent of vessel shape, temperature, and corrosive characteristics of the contents.

So be sure to keep your chemical feed system as safe and efficient as possible with a DRUMM-SCALE or CARBOY-SCALE from Force Flow/ Floquip.