SGE 150 Gas Mask

This new full facepiece mask, incorporates significant innovations: the use of a transparent polycarbonate visor, that is also a support structure for all the other components and an extremely ergonomic facial gasket for optimal wearer comfort. Perfect visibility thanks to its integral polycarbonate visor and incomparable comfort thanks to its bellow shape face seal.

Polyethylene Tubing


  • 100% virgin, low-deensity polyethylene resin
  • Chemically, non-contaminating transculent tubing meets FDA standards for laboratory, hospital, food and beverage applications
  • Resistance to corrosion and environmental chemicals make polyethylene tubing well suited READ MORE »

General Service – Dry or Liquid Filled

The ideal choice for OEM and general industrial applications requiring an economical, liquid-filled pressure gauge. When vibration and/or pulsation are present, the glycerine fill th dampens the Bourdon tube and reduces wear on the movement which extends the life of the gauge. Typical applications include air compressors, hydraulic presses, pumps, cylinders, actuators and many other types of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

General Service – Dry (Nonfilled)

This type of gauge is designed for long and reliable service under rugged conditions. Typical conditions are for pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, compressors, as a contractor’s gauge and for many other applications where the measured media does not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy.


Manual Butterfly Valve


(FKM Seals) Glass-filled polypropylene body
Manual Butterfly Valves available with EPDM seals.