Kit “A” includes devices and tools to contain leaks in and around the cylinder valve and in the side wall of chlorine cylinders, US DOT #3A480 & 3AA480. Note: The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit “A” is the only chlorine emergency kit for chlorine cylinders that is manufactured to the design specifications of the Chlorine Institute.

A-Kit Design Features

Device #1: Designed to contain leaks in and around the cylinder valve (Illustrated).

  • Fits cylinders with oversized neck rings and cylinders with the valve protective housing attached
  • Accommodates cylinders up to 15″ in diameter with bumped or foot-ring cylinder bottoms.
  • Radius bottom gasket made of Viton®

Device #2: A clamping device to seal leaks at the fusible plug (screwed-in & poured type plugs.)

Device #8: Patching device to seal leaks in cylinder side wall.

Accessory Tools: Kit “A” also includes a variety of hand tools, inspection seals and additional sealing devices. All items are labeled with a part number, color coded red and stored inside a durable polyethylene kit box.

Additional Applications and Accessories:

  • Sulfur Dioxide Emergency Kit: #KIT-SA.  Complete kit for sulfur dioxide cylinders.
  • Sulfur Dioxide Gasket Kit: #SA. Contains gaskets designed specifically for use on sulfur dioxide cylinders and is to be used in conjunction with the Chlorine Institute Kit “A”.
  • Ammonia Emergency Kits: #NH-KIT. Complete kit for containing leaks on ammonia cylinders.